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As many of our loyal listeners know, our dear friend, colleague and all around awesome radio personality/host Bob Burns of News Talk 1400 AM WOND passed away unexpectedly in December of this past year.  Eric looked forward to being a guest on Bob's show each week, as did Bob. He is greatly missed, and his legacy lives on through stories and countless shows! 


Archived Shows

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12/3/18 - Should I Leave My Kids An Inheritance

11/26/18 - Market Volatility

3/12/18 - How to File for SS

6/18/18 - Financial Lessons from My Father

6/25/18 - Your Student Has Been Accepted Now What

7/2/18 - Planning for Healthcare Costs In Retirement

7/9/18 - Investing Before During and After Retirement

7/16/18 - All About Annuities

10/8/18 - 100 Questions to Ask When Researching Colleges

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Your Student Has Been Accepted to College Now What-6/25/18-6/18/18

Planning for Healthcare Costs In Retirement-7/2/18

Investing Before During and After Retirement-7/9/18

All About Annuities-7/16/18

Beneficiary Considerations-7/23/18

Stretch IRAs-7/30/18

Financial vs Emotional Decisions-8/27/18



What Do You Need In Your Financial Life-9/24/18